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decimus 2

by Decimus


*Silkscreened sleeve. Edition of 250* Decimus is the new cosmic noise project of Pat Murano, a founding member of No Neck Blues Band and the K Salvatore duo. This album initiates his 12-issue series of "synthetic meditations on the zodiac as envisioned by Decimus Magnus Ausonius (310-395)" with a murky expanse of mottled electronics and abrasive atmospherics. "Decimus 2 is the first chapter of the Decimus sodality. With reluctance, we are driven into the desert rent from the sweet succor of slavery. Under Malkuth we feed the senses failing to satiate the insatiable." We're in immensely detached and mysterious terrain with this sound and at risk of being folded into the chaos of clashing synthetic noise ecologies and frictional textures. On the first side we can detect ancient melodic patterns attempting to self organise, only they're subsumed by layers of calmly grinding synth rhythms and detuned cat calls, all textured and toned with the fetid basement vibe of James Ferraro's 'Citrac'. By sharp contrast, the other side is more spaciously open and cosmically tilted, threaded with slivers of combustible silvery synths while swirling alien grunts and malfunctioning electronics spit at the sky from a small window in the basement. "He who does not known how to be silent will not know how to speak". Very highly recommended.