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Decimus 4

by Decimus


*Silkscreened edition of 250* Pat Murano casts another spellbinding instalment of his mystifying Decimus series for Alga Marghen sister imprint, Planam. In the best possible way, it's bloody hard to sum up what's happening on these records. Over two 20 minute sides Pat pushes way beyond conventional structuring and arrangement, acting as a conduit for stray and wilful FM synth waves which knot and tangle, layer and dissolve across the A-face, constantly in horizontal and vertical stereo flux, freely increasing and burning up in amplitude. We struggle to think of anyone else whose sound is so untethered and potently psychedelic like this. On the B-side his synths creak and almost buckle like the degraded hull of a mighty spaceship while distant percussion ricochet against the sides, gradually, ever-so-gradually, giving way to a magical mini symphony of caustic distortion and spectral horror theme synths with a mind-bending rhythmic close. It's all so much more intriguing and abstracted than 99% of the conventional kosmiche out there.