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K-Salvatore- Kermes Infestation

by K-Salvatore


**Silkscreened sleeves in hand-painted and silkscreened heavyweight boxset. Edition of 145** Italy's wonderful Planam label presents Jason Meagher and Pat Murano's freeform 1996 recordings compiled on 6 LPs for the first time - the elusive 10 copies of the original triple cassette release have all but vanished into the ether. Effectively, these recordings present a more extreme and primal sound pre-dating and paralleling the duo's better known work in the revered No-Neck Blues Band, and act as a distant relative to the cryptic astrology of Murano's incredible Decimus series. Imagined and created in summer of 1995, they deploy ten copies of instructional audio cassettes (bought on remainder at a local Barnes & Noble) which the duo repurposed with their own audio, an unhindered mix of ritualist rhythmelodic percussions, strafing FM noise, guttural chants, busted electronics and all kinda primal spirit wrenching summoning the furthest reaches of Luigi Russolo or Zoviet France, or as they poetically put it "Akin to a 5+ hour kidnapping ordeal that culminates, not with freedom restored, but instead disembowlment in a sad man's bathtub." And best of all, there's six sides of the stuff to lose yourself in!